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Property Photography for estate agents & hoteliers in Torbay and the surrounding areas

Dramatic aerial photography. Stunning interior photos. Interactive 360° virtual tours. Detailed coloured floor plans. Unique and creative property descriptions.

In addition to providing an excellent first impression of a property, aerial photographs can provide a better understanding of its scale and surroundings.
Aerial & drone photography can increase the salability and click through rates of property listings as opposed to ground level photos.
Taking advantage of the property's location and picturesque views can enhance its appeal to potential buyers.
Bright, wide angle, and enhanced photography of interior spaces that accurately portray each room while highlighting its best features.
Meticulous attention is paid to capture each room in the property at its most desirable angle.
Using a virtual tour, interested buyers outside of your local area can gain a better understanding of your property before visiting it in person.
A floor plan is a valuable tool to help potential buyers better understand the space they are investing in. According to Rightmove, 20% of potential buyers ignore a property that does not have a floor plan.
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Aerial & Drone Photography

You can showcase properties from a unique and interesting perspective by using aerial photography. In this way, the viewer is able to gain an understanding of the space as well as the surrounding land or views. In order to capture aerial views of any building, we use a number of techniques, including a drone or a camera mounted on a 10 metre mast. In built-up areas, drone laws can be extremely restrictive, and permissions can take months to be granted. As an alternative, we offer photography from elevated masts in these cases.


Interior Photography

In order to achieve a successful sale of a property, it is vital that it is presented in the best possible light. We believe that the most attractive presentation of a property can be achieved by using bright, vibrant, evenly lit and wide interior photographs. Following the in-house visit, each photo is edited and enhanced to ensure it looks its best before being sent to the agent.


Virtual Tours and Floor Plans

We offer both a virtual tour and floor plan as a bundled service through Giraffe 360.

With a virtual tour, you can reach a larger pool of potential buyers by providing the opportunity to view the property before a physical viewing is scheduled.

A floor plan provides potential buyers with a better understanding of the space they are investing in, and according to Rightmove, 20% of buyers ignore a property without a floor plan.


Property Descriptions

By highlighting the property's key features and its location, a creative and well-written property description can serve as another selling point of the property, as well as promoting your agency. It can be a difficult task to write a property description, but by outsourcing this task you will be able to spend more time on winning instructions.

We can only provide a property description along with another service such as interior photos or a virtual tour/floor plan.


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